What’s Happening with the NYC MTA?

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The NYC MTA has been in and out of the news lately and little of what being said is any good. Just skimming the headlines of the article concerning the MTA is enough to include that it is in a state of flux and uncertainty.

First of all, the MTA is struggling with the process of reducing their substantial debt through refinancing this year. They’re also being sued by the mother of Briant Rowe. She’s claiming that the MTA’s negligence led to the death of her son, who had been seen jumping onto the tracks just hours before he was struck and killed by a train.

And in the midst of these changes the MTA has also recently lost two board members, one of whom was Nancy Shevell is leaving to spend more time with new husband, Paul McCartney.

Only time will tell what effect the MTA’s struggles will have on auto shippers in the NYC area. But one thing’s for sure, plenty of eyes will be on the MTA as they deal with one of the most tumultuous times in their history.


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