Wi-Fi Wonder

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As times change, so does Ford.

Determined to make the most out of recent technological advancements, Ford has announced use of Wi-Fi technology on its assembly lines.

According to motortrend.com, Ford is using Wi-Fi to install SYNC software (Ford’s brand) to readily equipped vehicles. By doing this, Ford will get rid of the need to build certain systems, reducing the overall production costs of vehicles. Reportedly, this technology is eliminating about 90 parts that were previously used in production.

This Wi-Fi technology will also allow better communication on the assembly lines.

This technology will make its debut in Oakville, Ontario, with an assembly line that is producing a new Ford Edge. They hope to follow suit in the Chicago Assembly Plant, where they are building the 2011 Ford Explorer. If these runs are successful, the technology will travel across the ocean to where the Focus is produced in Europe.

Auto Shippers is excited for these developments, and excited to see what Ford may think of next.


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