Zippin’ Up in Buffalo

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Auto Shippers is always happy to see efforts to preserve our environment, and the University of Buffalo is doing just that.

The college, located in upstate New York, is now working with Zipcar, Inc., which is the largest car-sharing service in the world. Zipcar is a company that provides a slew of cars for a given organization or group, and then rents them out by the hour or even the day. Once a member is enlisted (for a cost of $35), they have 24/7 access to Zipcar’s services, which include the car itself, gas, insurance, reserved parking and roadside assistant if needed. The customer then pays for how long they plan on using the chosen Zipcar.

Every Zipcar takes 15 to 20 cars off the road a year, reducing pollution and traffic. Using Zipcar services also offers students a break from full-time car payments and insurance, ensuring reliable transportation when they need it and no bills when they don’t. The self-service cars will surely make students’ lives easier, aside from greatly reducing the university’s carbon footprint.


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